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Regina Joseph is not only a thought leader and pioneer in a broad range of domains.

She is the rare futurist who can back up that title with a unique track record of prescience & innovation.

For 3 decades, Joseph has consistently envisioned pivotal changes years before the rest of the world. And she has delivered that vision by building products, software, research, analyses & training for:

  • Multinational corporations ranging from Sony to Microsoft

  • Think tanks, governments and heads of state including the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and the European Commission

  • Multilateral organizations including NATO, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the European Defense Agency, the Pentagon and the United Nations

  • And federal research organizations in the US and the EU, including the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands 

A wide-ranging polymath, Joseph specializes in the nexus of strategic foresight analysis and information design. She is equally known for award-winning creative content, UI/UX design and product development as she is for her work in cognitive science, technical innovation and defense research. 

Her training programs, forecasts, and analyses of future security conditions represent just one professional manifestation of her multidisciplinary skills. As an entrepreneur she has applied her forecasting accuracy to create products and brands. They include Blender, the world's first digital magazine (and the first forms of digital advertising), as well as several technical firsts, like the first international broadcast livestream transmission over an internet protocol (Super Bowl XXXIV).


Joseph is a top-ranked Superforecaster and her consistent accuracy has been tracked and validated by government and private sector organizations since 2011. Among other achievements, she:

  • PREDICTED in 1991, the fall of the print industry & the rise of digital media and advertising

  • CREATED in 1994, BLENDER, the 1st digital magazine and with it, the first forms of digital ads

  • CREATED in 1996, Engine.RDA, one of the first hybrid digital/traditional ad & media agencies

  • PREDICTED in 1997, the broadband convergence and the rise of streaming media distribution

  • CREATED in 2000, the 1st international livestream over IP using Europe's first broadband network

  • PREDICTED in 1995, the irrevocable change to the distribution models of the music industry

  • CREATED in 2000, the earliest standards/distribution models for mobile telephony & streaming audio brands (Sony Ericsson mobile & PressPlay, Sony Music's pioneering digital music brand)

  • PREDICTED in 2004, the rise of nutraceutical agricultural/food consumption & fitness trends

  • CREATED in 2007, her first book and undertook a 5-city book tour (St. Martins Press)

  • PREDICTED in 2010, need for improved systems & training in human-machine interaction

  • CREATED in 2012, the Futures division of the national Dutch think tank, the Clingendael Institute

  • CREATED in 2015, the NYU Center for Global Affairs Futures Lab 

  • CREATED in 2016, the first government cross-agency forecasting training programs (NL) 

  • CREATED in 2018, the first Cyber Forecasting Tournament research program for NCSC-NL

  • WON in 2019, the 1st of 2 National Science Foundation grants totaling >$700,000 (as Co-PI)

  • WON in 2019, a patent for a crowdsourced structured analytic technique (NEUER) (w/P.A.)

  • WON in 2019, TechStars Rotterdam 3rd place for Human Forest technical solution

  • WON in 2020, 1st place Superforecaster showing, leading her 3rd team win in 3 IARPA programs

  • WON in 2021, Phase 1 competition of Human Forest (w/P.A.) versus random forest experiment

Logos of press outlets featuring Regina Joseph and her digital transformation work




Regina is recognized as being at the forefront of combining data-driven, ,behavioral and technological insights to understand decision-making in ways practically useful for policy. She's served as a Senior Consultant or Co-Principal Investigator on 6 federally-funded government research programs totaling more than $100M, spanning from 2011 to the present. Her research in forecasting and decision science. extends from her current R&D boutique consultancies, Pytho & Sibylink, to such past work as a think tank Senior Research Fellow.


Her range of subject matter expertise in both research & analysis includes future transatlantic and transnational security matters; anticipatory intelligence; human-machine interaction design; life science futures; telecommunications and media; food and energy futures.

In 2019, she won a patent for her structured analytic technique, and she is awaiting a patent pending on a reference class forecasting method and software.



Regina has developed competition-beating technical platforms and award-winning software since 1993.


As the creator of Blender, she forged not only the technical structure of the world's first digital magazine; she went on to develop--on behalf of clients like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and others--the earliest commercial applications of new digital codecs like the enhanced CD.


As a senior executive at organizations like Liberty Global and Sony, she has managed large technical multinational operations. She developed and delivered business innovation strategies, media acquisition and venture deals, and oversaw the technical framework for the earliest forms of streamed content and networked transmission events. 


To support the strategy, deal-making and technical requirements of her work, she has assembled teams in over 10 countries on four continents.



Regina revolutionized the media industry in 1994 by introducing digital media and advertising before the rise of graphical browsers in 1995. Her expertise in the media industries began as both a beat reporter and a columnist for newspapers and magazines like AdWeek & Forbes. Her understanding of both the content and business sides of media, coupled with her technical and design skills, enabled her to foresee coming changes, right up to today where she now develops innovation around digital editorial & programmatic ad systems.

She has written for outlets ranging from the New York Times, Forbes, Reuters and Foreign Policy to academic & government outlets like Pentagon white papers. She has appeared on BBC and CNN and has consulted on future media strategy. 


She's received kudos as both author and artist; and as a Creative Director of her agency Engine.RDA, she's won awards for her work--with highlights like the 1st videogame movie trailer ad for Microsoft.

Logos of funders of Regina Joseph's research, which include IARPA,NSF and NCSC-NL



Regina Joseph has spent the past decade honing training systems and techniques proven to increase better reasoning and predictive accuracy. Using randomized controlled trials and thousands of human test subjects in government-funded gold-standard experiments, her outperforming training programs were key factors in her research teams' victories in IARPA and NSF competitive challenge programs. 

Her validated training courses have been commercialized and are used by both the public and private sector. They are part of the official curriculum of the Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Academy.

An all-digital version of her training program, the ARETE Prediction Bootcamp, is available to the public. The 6-week course is exclusive and limited to only 40 trainees per year, 20 in the Spring and Fall each.

Logo for Regina Joseph's Superforecasting training course called ARETE




Regina Joseph consults on a wide variety of subjects and processes. She can customize consultancy packages that suit small organizations to large multinationals. Some typical engagements include:

  • STRATEGIC ADVISORY: I work closely with decision-makers as a Superforecaster on matters of strategic significance.  This long-term engagement involves analysis for select organizations. 


  • INNOVATION SYSTEMS CONSULTING: When decisions don't lead to breakthroughs, system audits and analysis can correct course. Contact me if your brand strategy requires retooling, or if your product development cycle is broken. I’ve successfully uncovered the signals and leads notable companies needed to implement new products and initiatives. 


  • CUSTOM FORECASTING TOURNAMENTS & TRAINING: Need to upgrade the decision skills of your organization? One of the most effective ways to improve organizational direction is to cultivate their cognitive quotient with gamified challenges combining information collection, synthesis and real-time feedback.


  • CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING INTERVENTIONS:  Organizations rarely assess the quality of their creative development on a regular basis. Rapid-fire interventions can help a product team or organization hone their creative process and draw new insights that can be put to profitable use.

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Regina Joseph has shared her vision of innovation and strategic foresight at conferences, workshops, security exercises, private corporate events, universities and global research symposia. She has also served as a commentator on futures-related news and policy on outlets like the BBC, Politico and NPR.

She has participated as a featured or keynote speaker at events hosted by organizations including the European Defense Agency; Ministry for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands; European Commission; Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe; National Geospatial Agency; U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine; NATO; Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands; US Institute of Peace (USIP); US Technology Leadership Council; U.S. Air Force; International Atomic Energy Agency; U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Strategic Multilayer Assessment; United Nations International Criminal Court; U.S. Army; United Nations Youth Assembly; Dutch Future Society; MIDEM; MILIA; GSMA Mobile World Congress; E3 Expo; Billboard’s Digital Media and Entertainment Expo; the Consumer Electronics Show; MIPCOM; American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE); American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME);   

She provides strategic briefings at corporate planning events, including ones hosted by Clarim Media; Elsevier; Nouriel Roubini's Global Alpha Forum; KPMG; Nokia; Sony; Liberty Global; & Microsoft.


Joseph's career also includes academic and research-related speaking engagements. She was a Senior Research Fellow and developer of the Future Security Foresight division of the Netherlands' national think tank, the Clingendael Institute. There she trained international diplomats and military officers in foresight, predictive analytics and decision-making techniques. She taught courses in  strategic foresight, cognitive computing, and info-hacking as an adjunct at New York University, where she also built the Futures Lab. At NYU she developed the lab's programming, including hackathons; lectures featuring notable speakers from the worlds of foreign policy, transnational security and technology; and moderated symposia involving partners like IBM. She has presented her research results at conferences including ones organized by IARPA; Collective Intelligence; the ONE Conference; dCypher Symposium; Operational Research Society UK; TNO and the Atlantic Council.  

Regina Joseph is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow and was featured as part of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation's 50th anniversary commemorative media program.

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